HCA’s science program introduces young and aspiring scientists to a wide range of scientific disciplines. Students conduct actual experiments and are able to view the results right before their eyes. Utilizing common, household and recycled goods, our science program proves that not all science happens in a lab. Constructing volcanoes, building a battery out of a pickle and using coffee filters as litmus strips are just a few of the experiments that have been carried out under the name of science. Who says chemistry is boring?

In addition to science education, HCA provides tutoring and computer literacy programs to help ready our communities for the world of tomorrow. Tutoring is offered to residents in need of additional assistance in mathematics, science, and variety of other subjects. Our computer literacy classes extend beyond learning how to use a mouse and keyboard. Word processing, social media and web navigation are all common subjects. Whether it’s learning how an OS works, or simply using Facebook to stay in touch with family, we are inspiring tomorrow’s thinkers today.